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How is it different?

Usability | Designed for Humans

Installing apps on Sandstorm is as easy as installing apps on your phone.

Find any app you want on the App Market and start using it with a few clicks. Every app comes with automatic updates.

All your apps and data in one place, with consistent access control.

Sandstorm keeps a list so you can find everything you create. Sandstorm's unified access control system covers data from every app, and everything is private to you by default.

Security | Secure by Default

Sandstorm protects you. Each document, chat room, mail box, notebook, blog, or anything else you create is a "grain" in Sandstorm. Sandstorm containerizes each one in its own secure sandbox from which it cannot talk to the world without express permission. All your grains are private until you share them. The result is that 95% of security vulnerabilities are automatically mitigated.

Skeptical? Learn more about Sandstorm's security model and security non-events.

Sandstorm makes it easy to adhere to security, regulatory, and data privacy requirements. Sandstorm manages access control on every document, so it can show who has access and allow you to revoke that access at any time. Self-hosting Sandstorm enables organizations to have complete control over where their data is stored.

Freedom | You're in Control

You choose where your data lives: You can use Sandstorm in the cloud on a variety of hosting services, or you can install it on your own machines. You can even move between these options at any time. No matter where you decide to run Sandstorm, the apps are the same.

With Sandstorm, you do not get locked into walled gardens. You can mix and match apps from multiple developers with ease, and even throw in apps of your own as needed. Many Sandstorm apps are open source, which means you can modify them to suit you needs.

Who is it for?


Sandstorm makes it safe & easy to use indie web apps. It adds security hardening to protect your privacy. Apps never disappear, and you can add your own. Run your own server or use our hosting.

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Your employees deserve flexible online collaboration tools. You deserve the peace of mind that comes from owning your data. With Sandstorm, anyone in the company can pick or build their own internal apps and the platform makes sure you don't get hacked. Sandstorm makes it easier than ever to adhere to security, regulatory, and data privacy requirements.

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Ship your code as a Sandstorm app package and your users run the service. On Sandstorm, one or two independent developers can easily build an app rivaling big-name SaaS apps.

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