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We did it! And one more app...

By Kenton Varda - 28 Aug 2014

Thanks to you, we’ve reached our funding goal with four days to spare. We are honored to have been pushed past the goal by renowned Free Software developer Audrey Tang, who among many other things is one of the core developers of EtherCalc, an app which has been ported to Sandstorm. Audrey becomes our second Key Individual Sponsor. We were also helped immensely by our second Corporate Sponsor, HumanWeb Networks. (A third Corporate Sponsor came in this morning; details coming soon.)

We are still accepting contributions! Now through Sunday is your last chance to pick up one of our campaign perks and get yourself listed in our credits. Go grab a t-shirt and a sticker pack (featuring the Sand Cat), preorder Sandstorm hosting, or grab one of the four remaining LAN Party Invites, or become one of our key sponsors. Go to the campaign »

One More App: MediaWiki

We’ve just released our last app port of the campaign: MediaWiki. This is the very software that powers Wikipedia, packaged as a Sandstorm app. You can use MediaWiki on Sandstorm to host a private wiki for you and your friends or teammates. Go install it from the app list now, either on your own Sandstorm server or on our demo.

MediaWiki screenshot