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Sandstorm Solutions: pay for feature prioritization

By Drew Fisher - 01 Dec 2016

Is there a feature or bug holding you back from deploying Sandstorm at your company or for your team? Do you need the Sandstorm core devs to prioritize a feature? Sandstorm Solutions can fix that.

There’s always way more on our roadmap than time and people to do it. We receive requests from potential customers around the world who would love to use Sandstorm, but need a particular planned but unimplemented feature, or hit a bug that affects them in particular. We now offer Sandstorm feature prioritization to our customers.

We’re happy to adjust our priorities to support these folks, so we figure we should state that clearly and make sure it’s something everyone can take advantage of, not just the people who inquire.

So here’s the deal with Sandstorm Solutions: if you want a Sandstorm feature prioritized, or a particular bug fixed, we can do it. The way this works is:

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